Special courses

Would you like to know something original and new? Do you like perfect cooperation and you are person, who is not afraid of erotic? So you are the best person for our salon. We would like to offer to try unforgettable experience. You can pass erotic massage praha that will wake up your sexuality and maybe also your hidden dreams that are deep in your heart. We would like to show you that these procedures are not about sex, but about relaxation. Trust us that erotic elements can help you with removing stress from body. You will only overlie and girl will touch to special points that are main in this process. You can choose from many types.

Lovely girls will take care about you

Have you ever tried tantra? It is very specific procedure, where you can find secret of your body and mind. It is not classic massage, because there are girls, who touch you by different objects. But there is also possibility to try nuru procedure that is really intimate. Girl will be naked and she will use her body for work. It is type body to body procedure, so you will feel very close contact.

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